A step-by-step walkthrough of Supersonic, from installing the tooling to distributing in app stores.

In-depth Guides

Practical guides to help you apply Supersonic principles and to understand usage better.

Kitchensink App

See Supersonic in action with the Kitchensink app!


Supersonic API reference

The complete API reference for Supersonic.js and Supersonic Web Components.

UI Component reference

Reference documentation for Supersonic CSS components.

Cordova API Reference

Steroids² also comes bundled with Cordova. Click here for links to the API reference.

AppGyver Tooling

Steroids CLI Guides

Guides on the Steroids CLI, from installing the required tools to local development workflow.

AppGyver Build Service

How to deploy your app to the AppGyver Cloud and build standalone versions of your app.

AppGyver Wrapper

Learn how the AppGyver Wrapper works.


GitHub issues

We're not perfect yet. Track open issues and feature requests in our GitHub issue tracker


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