Overview - What is Supersonic?

AppGyver Supersonic goes beyond just providing a layer for integrating your HTML5 application with native device capabilities. You're able to write HTML using default CSS components that look good out of the box, use Web Components that map your HTML to fully native interfaces, and access native APIs with more ease than ever.

Supersonic is framework agnostic. It's a library consisting of CSS, Javascript and Web Components, which you can use with your framework of choice. However, Supersonic comes with a bundle that integrates with Angular.js by Google for even more awesomeness.

Updating Supersonic.js

Supersonic.js is distributed via Bower. To update it to the latest version, simply run in your project folder:

$ steroids update

This will update both the Bower and npm dependencies of your project, based on the packages and version numbers defined in the bower.json and package.json files.

Note that new Supersonic features might require a certain version of the AppGyver Wrapper, so be sure to keep your Scanner app and stand-alone builds updated to the latest version:

Reporting issues

All AppGyver-related issues are tracked centrally on GitHub. Before submitting a new issue, search through the issues to see if it has been opened or resolved already.

When submitting a issue, please include as detailed reproduction case as possible. For an excellent bug reproduction, it's very important that a bare minimum of HTML/CSS/JavaScript is used. This prevents false diagnoses – when the app is complex, it might look like something is broken on the native side, when in reality it's just a JavaScript error caused by a misconfigured framework, a CSS style acting up etc. You should strive to have just the issue and nothing else in your project.