Welcome to the documentation for AppGyver Composer Pro!

If you're new, you should start with the Introduction guide, which gives you an overview of the tool, as well as viewing the todo app tutorial video below.

Composer Pro itself can be accessed at https://platform.appgyver.com.

Todo app tutorial video

This 13-minute video goes over the basic concepts of AppGyver Composer, showing you how to build an offline-capable todo application.

Highly recommended viewing

Movie review app tutorial video

This 41-minute video goes much deeper, covering many of the more advanced features in Composer, and showing you how to build a movie review app.

The app fetches data from The Movie Database API (you can sign up for free to get an API key, see https://developers.themoviedb.org/3/getting-started/introduction) via a direct REST API integration.

The user can search for movies and view a details page.

Finally, we construct a star review widget, where the user can give the movie a rating between 1-5 stars, which is then saved in the AppGyver Cloud Storage database.

Bug reports and feature requests

You can make bug reports and post feature requests, as well as track our roadmap at https://tracker.appgyver.com.


If you have any general questions on Composer, the best resource is our community forums at https://forums.appgyver.com.


We're working hard to constantly improve our documentation.

Let us know of any improvement suggestions to the docs at contact@appgyver.com!