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Latest updates
New to Composer?

Below you can check out the Todo app tutorial video to get basic understanding of Composer Pro features and concepts. For more tutorials, documentation and learning topics head to the home page of AppGyver Academy.

If you're new to programming check out our intro course App Programming 101

Composer Pro itself can be accessed at https://platform.appgyver.com.

Todo app tutorial video

This 12-minute video goes over the basic concepts of AppGyver Composer, showing you how to build a todo application with cloud data storage.

AppGyver Academy

AppGyver Academy is the hub for all the learning resources for Composer Pro. Inside you'll find everything from our quick onboarding videos to in-depth core lessons teaching you everything about Composer Pro. AppGyver Academy

Bug reports and feature requests

You can make bug reports and post feature requests, as well as track our roadmap at https://tracker.appgyver.com.


If you have any general questions on Composer, the best resource is our community forums at https://forums.appgyver.com.


We're working hard to constantly improve our documentation.

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