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AppGyver Academy is the home for video tutorials, tips, guides and community content for Composer Pro.

AppGyver Academy is the learning hub for Composer Pro. Below you'll find plenty of video content on how to make the best use of Composer Pro. We are uploading new content weekly so check back often!

Quick onboarding videos

These 25 quick onboarding videos give you a tour around the Composer Pro user interface and key concepts.

Academy Core Lessons 🎓

The Core Lessons give you an in-depth understanding of Composer Pro features.

App Programming 101 with AppGyver (new to programming? this is for you!)

Core Lesson 1 - Variables and Formulas Core Lesson 2 - Logic Flows Core Lesson 3 - Data and Integrations Core Lesson 4 - Components Core Lesson 5 - Styles

More Core Lessons coming soon!

Academy Power-ups 🍄

Power-ups are short and sweet videos on how to make best use of Composer Pro features.

Power-up: Working with Objects Power-up: Conditional Renderer Power-up: Offline Storage Power-up: Custom Fonts Power-up: Lists & Repeats Power-up: Debugging Variables Power-up: Grid/Table layout Power-up: Sorting and Filtering data Power-up: Transforming Data Power-up: Forms Power-up: Custom Flow Functions Power-up: Conditional Styling Power-up: Triggering Logic Flows from Variable Changes Power-up: Grouping lists Power-up: Create a Star Rating Component Power-up: Editing items in a list Power-up: Search bar with suggestions More Power-ups coming soon!

AppGyver x Xano — Building a Books app

In this video we and our friends at Xano will show you how to build a book library application including frontend, backend and REST API integration in under 20mins!

Tutorial Articles

A collection of tutorial articles on how make best use of Composer Pro. Popular tutorials: Google Firestore REST API Integration Integrating with Airtable Check out more tutorials here!

Academy Primers

Primers are articles collecting together information and resources on a given Composer Pro topic. Primer: Integrations and REST APIs Primer: Security

More Primers coming soon!

Academy Creators Content 🚀

Our creative and smart community has already produced a lot of amazing content from beginner tutorials to guides on creating specific component. Below you'll find a collection of links to content made by our community as well as our staff here at AppGyver!

Mevi is AppGyver's unicorn and in this series you'll learn how to build all kinds of useful components from an image picker to a calendar widget.

AppLab breaks down the barriers to app development through stories and chats with experts, builders, and software educators.

A special collaboration of AppGyver x ReactSeals.

A friend of AppGyver No Code Hero has put out some excellent content. Beginners should check out the very extensive Absolute Beginner Tutorial to AppGyver!

On his YouTube channel, our friend Steve Stava is teaching you how use AppGyver and Xano to become a No-code developer. You will build the data layer, APIs, and mobile user interface. As you progress, you will upload images and change data through your mobile app.

Everything a developer would do, but with no-code!

On the coachRed website you can find helpful video tutorials on integrating AppGyver with Firebase or Sashido. Check them out!