Core Lesson 1 - Variables & Formulas
The Core Lessons give you an in-depth understanding of Composer Pro features.


These Core Lessons are meant to give you in an in-depth understanding of how variables and formulas in Composer Pro work.
It may be helpful to watch the Quick Onboarding Part 3 - Variables, before diving in!

Part 1 - Intro to Variables

Part 2 - The Variables Tab

Part 3 - Variable Types

Part 4 - Data Types & Schemas

Part 5 - Example and Initial values

Part 6 - Using Variables


It can be helpful to also check out Quick Onboarding Part 5 - Formulas!

Part 7 - Intro to Formulas

Part 8 - The Formula Editor

Part 9 - Formula Syntax


Power-up: Working with Objects

Debugging Variables