Core Lesson 3 - Data & Integrations
This core lessons covers creating and using data resources, including REST API integrations. It also covers how to interact with data resources using data variables and logic.

Data and Integrations

This set of core lessons should give you a good understanding of what data resources are, how to configure data resources and how to work with data in Composer Pro. They also include how to configure and make use of REST API integrations.

Part 1 - Configuring REST Resources

In this video we'll go through the configuration for REST API direction integration resources.
Please note that REST API direction integration makes client side requests when configuring authorization credentials such as authentication headers or API keys. Learn more in Primer: Security​

Part 2 - Using Data Variables

In this video we'll go through creating data variables from data resources and using therm.

Part 3 - Logic Flows and Data

Finally we'll go through using logic flows with data resources and variables.


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