Onboarding Part 2 - Logic & Flow functions
This part covers creating logic flows, using output of logic nodes, branching logic, navigating to another page and adding flow functions from the marketplace.

Part 2

These onboarding videos are quick go-through of the key features. For a more in-depth look at Logic flows, check out Core Lessons 2 - Logic Flows

Create logic flows

Learn how to chain multiple flow functions together to create chained logic flows, where flow functions are run one after another.

Use output of previous node in logic

Learn how to use the output of a previous node in the logic chain as input for a subsequent flow function. For example, taking a picture and then using the local filesystem path to the captured photo file.

Create branching logic

Learn how to create branching logic, where different outcomes from a flow function execution can cause your logic to continue on different paths.
Learn how to add new pages to your app and navigate to them.

Add a flow function from the Marketplace

Learn how to access the Marketplace, where you can find a growing library of flow functions that give access to integrated native APIs and other functionalities.