Onboarding Part 3 - Variables
This part covers using variables, changing variables with logic, two-way binding, page parameters and connecting to the debugger.

Part 3

These onboarding videos are quick go-through of the key features. For a more in-depth look at Variables, check out Core Lessons 1 - Variables & Formulas

Using variables

Learn how to use variables, which allow you to store and access dynamic data while your app is running.

Changing variables with logic

Learn how to change variables with flow functions, giving them new values while your app is running.

Two-way bound variables

Learn how Composer's automatic two-way binding works and make an input field change the value of a bound variable when the user types something into it.

Page parameters

Learn how to use page parameters to pass data to a new page that the user navigates to.
tags: passing data between pages, page parameters

Connect the debugger

Learn how to connect the AppGyver Preview app running on your mobile device to the Debugger. This allows you to view and edit your app state in real time, as well as see what events and flow functions get executed in your app.