Onboarding Part 4 - Data resources & REST
This part covers creating data, listing data, showing a single data record, updating records and using a REST API to fetch data

Part 4

These onboarding videos are quick go-through of the key features. For a more in-depth look at Data Resources, check out Core Lessons 3 - Data and Integrations

Creating data

Learn how to define a new data resource, define a New type data variable, and create a data record using flow functions.

Listing data

Learn how to fetch and show a collection of records from a backend, and show them in your app using repeated components.

Show single data record

Learn how to create a details page that fetches a single data record, based on an ID parameter that is passed to it by clicking a list item.

Updating records

Learn how to update and delete records from your database with flow function logic, as well as how to change the default backend polling logic for your data variables.

Use REST API to list data

Learn how to use a custom REST API integration to fetch a collection of data records and show them on a list in your app.