Power-up: Sorting and Filtering data

Learn how to sort, order and filter your data using formula functions with Composer Pro.

The formula functions used in this video

Sorting the list items according to their department property: SORT_BY_KEY(pageVars.Employees, "department")

Creating a dropdown field with the department options, removing duplicate options, and adding a "No selection" option:CONCAT([{label: "No selection", value: ""}], UNIQUE_BY_KEY(MAP(pageVars.Employees, {label: item.department, value: item.department}), "value"))

Toggling the visibility of list items according to the search and filtering options: CONTAINS(LOWERCASE(current.name), LOWERCASE(pageVars.nameFilter)) && CONTAINS(current.department, pageVars.departmentFilter) && CONTAINS(current.city, pageVars.cityFilter)

tags: sort, filter, dropdown