Tutorial articles

Tutorial articles on how to use various Composer Pro features and how to integrate Composer with a variety of platforms.

User Interface

Full-screen background Soft tabs Pull-to-refresh Button with a loading indicator Input validation Event handling with the Upload files flow function

Data and Integrations

Uploading files MongoDB Realm with Composer Google Firestore REST API integration Integrating with Airtable Push notifications

How to Integrate AppGyver With Backendless in the Backendless Blog Realm Serverless platform integration with No-Code Composer from AppGyver in the MongoDB Blog AppGyver 3rd-Party Authentication with Bubble by Sean Hoots This guide describes how to do 3rd-party authentication with AppGyver via the Bubble REST API. Becoming a No-coder - AppGyver & Xano by Steve Stava [YouTube] This tutorial series covers step-by-step how to integrate AppGyver with Xano as the backend. Build Responsive Navigation in AppGyver by Carri Craver Backendless registration/login setup with AppGyver by Symmetric Dynamite