Changelog for Composer Pro


Hotfix #137A (2020-07-29)

Fix font weight selection not working.

Release #137 (2020-07-22)

This release adds preparations for upcoming new features. The experimental features are only available to certain users, but it also adds fixes available for everyone!


  • Minor improvements to the "Receive event" and "Trigger event" flow functions that make them easier to use in custom view components. Components isolated inside a view component can more easily trigger events for the "root" component, defined in the "Edit properties" dialog.

  • When editing a view component in isolation mode, in the "Edit properties" dialog, certain property names reserved for internal use have been disabled. These include id, style, and repeat


  • Fixed the bug in "Receive event" flow function where selecting an event was not saved, but the selection was removed when deselecting and selecting the node again.

  • Fixed the bug where "Page layout" component could be selected and then deleted, causing the page corrupt. This was possible immediately after adding a new page to the app.

Experimental πŸ”’

These features are not complete yet and they are only available to certain users. They might still change significantly.

  • πŸ”’ New namespace repeatedInfo in formulas providing meta information about the currently repeated items, e.g. the current index

  • πŸ”’ New namespace root in formulas providing access to the current root view component

  • πŸ”’ Namespace self available in other contexts than styles

  • πŸ”’ View component events may define type of the value they provide

  • πŸ”’ Event value can be set in "Trigger event" flow function

Hotfix #136A (2020-07-21)


Release #136 (2020-07-16)

This release focuses on fixing issues found by our community.


  • Fixed clicking the "X" in the binding editor dialog which not work in certain cases

  • Fixed an issue where the new binding editor dialog was missing scroll bar when the window height is small. Closes​

  • Fixed an issue in the formula editor where the outputs of the same flow function output were offered multiple times, e.g. "Take photo", "Take photo 2", "Take photo 3", etc.

  • Fixed an issue where advanced flex-basis style incorrectly showed that the current value is the default value auto instead of 0.

  • Removed invalid categories from the binding editor dialog when selecting a page/app variable for a "Set page/app variable" flow function

  • Fixed a bug in JavaScript editor where the user interface allowed the whole output to be changed from "Object" to "Text", which does not make sense. Removed the incorrectly shown type selector from this context. The individual output properties can still be set to any type!

Hotfix #135B (2020-07-11)


  • Added tooltips to the binding fields and buttons that describe that kind of binding is currently selected


  • Fixed blank component names when selecting a component ID for a binding, for example, when using a "Focus input" flow function

Hotfix #135A (2020-07-09)


  • When editing a data variable of a collection of AppGyver Cloud Storage data records, the UI won't any more show "Filters" or "Sorting criteria" being "Required".

  • Fixed the issue that prevented properties of repeated components being bound to.

  • Composer Pro has not supported Edge browser older than version 79, but instead of showing a message, Composer Pro appeared crashed. Old Edge browsers (before version 79) are now correctly blocked.

Release #135 (2020-07-07)

This major release brings with it updates to the Build Service and a complete overhaul of how component property and flow function input bindings are managed.

See a video overview of the new binding editor below!


  • Complete overhaul of the binding editor.

  • Properties panel user interface is cleaned up for both components and flow function node

    • Unnecessary titles removed.

    • Action buttons such as "Show in marketplace" are now icons.

  • The Initial URL and URL scheme system variables are now available.


  • Set page/app/data variable, Open page and data-related flow functions no longer allow the target variable/page/data resource to be set dynamically, to ensure the correct schema is always presented by Composer UI.


  • Numerous minor UI fixes and stability/speed improvements around Composer.

  • Data-related flow functions now instruct the user to configure data resources via the data configurator, if no data resources exist in the app.

  • Set app/page/data variable flow functions show a friendly message when no variables have been configured in the app instead of appearing broken.

  • Editing object/array schemas no longer cause bindings to be emptied in some cases.

  • Certain complex formula functions no longer crash Composer.

  • When creating nested repeats, Composer now properly enforces a unique name to be given to the inner repeat context.

  • Isolation mode no longer stays open across page changes.

  • During multi-user editing, incoming changes from another user no longer cause an active formula edit to be discarded.

  • During multi-user editing, incoming changes from other users are now detected faster.

  • ADD_DURATION and NOW formula functions correctly return a date-time text now.

  • Open page formula function now detects Parameters property's schema from the target page.

  • New data variables now have correct default names when multiple data variables for the same resource have been added and their names changed

    • Previously, adding a data variable for Employees resource, renaming it to something else and adding a new data variable for Employees resource caused the new variable to be named Employees2 even though Employees was available.

  • Data configurator

    • REST API direct integration Set schema from response button now correctly removes deleted fields from the example value used by the binding editor.

    • If a route is not defined for a REST API direct integration type data resource, you are now prevented from using a data variable of that type (e.g. if Get collection route is not defined, Collection of records type data variable is not available).

    • Enabling/disabling REST API methods now correctly triggers the Save button to show up.

    • For AppGyver Cloud Storage resources, show the system ID field as a non-removable part of the schema.

  • Build Service

    • Web builds are now cachebusted properly, so your changes take effect immediately after a new build is completed (though the auto-deploy takes a few moments more after the build is marked successful in Build Service).

    • Setting Android screen orientation and removing it doesn't break your builds anymore.

    • You can now see build history properly for each platform (previously, history showed latest 5 builds across all platforms).

    • Google Maps API key can now be defined when using the Embedded map view component (previously, the API key was left out of the build and the map rendered empty in standalone builds).

    • You can no longer input dots for a web app subdomain (previously, setting the subdomain to e.g. caused builds to fail).

Hotfix #134D (2020-07-06)


  • Added new launch screen configuration for iOS builds. This is needed for a successful deployment to AppStore.

Hotfix #134C (2020-07-03)


  • Fixed the bug in style color picker when working in HSL color mode that added additional % and other characters to color component fields.

Hotfix #134B (2020-06-24)


  • Fixed the issue that caused standalone web builds to remain in "Queued" state after succeeding.

  • Fixed the cache invalidation issue that caused standalone web builds to remain in their older version after building a new version.

Hotfix #134A (2020-06-12)


  • Allow choosing "Custom schema" for "Get record (GET)" and "Get collection (GET)" methods of "REST API direct integration" data resources. By default, for new resources, both methods are linked to use the same schema ("Use GET schema" option).


Release #134 (2020-05-27)


  • Data resources can be now cloned via the three-dot action button at the right side of the data resource in the data resource configurator main list view.

  • Multi-window editing support (beta). When editing the same project in two separate browser windows, changes are merged every 15 seconds. If conflicts arise, conflicting changes are discarded.

  • Support for custom URL schemes in iOS and Android standalone apps built with the Build Service, allowing you to open your app from another app via the defined URL scheme, e.g. myapp://.

  • Support for default supported orientations in iOS and Android standalone apps built with the Build Service.

  • Support for custom permission usage strings for iOS in Build Service, allowing you to change the message that is shown to the user.

  • A valid package/bundle ID is automatically generated for new apps, so that less configuration is required in Build Service.


  • Route names for REST API direct integration type data resources in the data configurator now reflect their functionality better.


  • Fixed issue where bindings disappeared after deselecting a component. Closes​

  • Fixed issue where changes to composite component properties required a browser refresh to take effect on the view canvas.

  • After adding a component, you no longer have to click Revert twice to undo changes.

  • Fixed slightly broken text styles in the Style panel when a composite component is selected.

  • Improved info texts in the properties panel when a data variable is selected.

  • Multiple fixes to the data resource configurator:

    • Set schema from response button fixed for Create record route

    • Switching between REST API routes when the Test tab is active no longer breaks the test object.

    • Switching from the Test tab to Schema/Configuration tabs and back no longer empties the test object.

    • When a new non-static query parameter/URL substitution/header is added, it is now directly available in the data configurator.

    • New REST API direct integration data resource Get collection route no longer has an ID property in the schema by default.

    • When Value type for Header is set as Number, Value placeholder correctly says "Type a number"

Release #133 (2020-05-26)


Release #132 (2020-05-18)


  • Rollback feature: You can now roll back up to last 50 saves when there are no changes in your app


  • Reverting unsaved changes is now faster


  • The Updated timestamp in the app listing now correctly reflects the last time the app was saved

Hotfix #131C (2020-05-13)


  • Added validation for the subdomain name field in web build configuration in Build Service

Hotfix #131B (2020-05-13)


  • Fixed certain previews of UI components not showing correctly in Marketplace and on the left-side menu

Hotfix #131A (2020-05-08)


  • Fixed styles and broken links in automated e-mail messages sent by Build Service

Release #131 (2020-05-05)


  • Added more input field validations and streamlined usage of Build Service


Release #130 (2020-04-27)


  • Majorly improved Composer Pro performance in regards to saving changes

  • Majorly improved speed of adding pages to app


Release #129 (2020-04-21)



  • Fixed formula editor text coloring for some default keywords that got highlighted incorrectly

  • ​KEYS formula was fixed to only support Object-type parameters, like it was intended


Hotfix #128D (2020-04-16)


  • Changed the Build Service related texts in "Launch" section to make them more understandable for first time users.

Hotfix #128C (04/15/2020)


Hotfix #128B (2020-04-14)


Release #128 (2020-04-08)


  • Fixed a problem with horizontal scrolling when the logic canvas size was increased

  • "Auth" section got stuck on loading dependencies after reopening it when authentication had been added to the app

  • Removing the properties of objects nested in arrays within Data resources did not work

Release #127 (2020-04-06)


  • App delete button did not work

  • Fixed italic and bold font appearance Composer Pro

Release #126 (2020-04-03)


  • Improved the inline documentation of formula functions in the formula editor

  • Onboarding videos are now opened in a separate tab for convenience

  • Composer Pro will warn users who try to access it on devices (e.g. phones and tablets) that are currently not supported for use in the app builder.

  • When installing something from the marketplace that has dependencies, install those dependencies as well

  • Improved marketplace usability


  • If the properties of a variable were changed, Set Variable flow functions broke silently by emptying their fields

  • Fixed problem with the UI jumping when clicking outside of an opened logic canvas

Release #125 (2020-04-01)


  • The autofill for formulas has been improved to recognise lowercase

  • == and === operators in formulas have been changed to work in a more intuitive way. == is the same as IS_EQUAL formula, and === is the same as IS_SAME formula.

  • Tooltips added for the Composer Pro canvas quick action icons

  • Now when adding a navigation item, if no page is defined for it, the default value is the last non-global page. This prevents a crash in the Preview app after save in Composer Pro.

  • Added more explanations and documentation to the Variables-side in Composer Pro


  • Typing REPEAT into formula editor caused a crash

  • Marketplace previews of components failed on some older versions of Firefox

Release #124 (2020-03-20)


  • Added new "Data" level to the onboarding widget

  • New view components available in the Component Marketplace

    • Dynamic SVG

    • Lottie animation

    • D3.js charts

    • Map marker container

  • Composite components can now define custom events, which can be triggered from within the component and which are automatically added to the component instance's logic canvas

  • Added helpful info texts to the variables section

  • New app creation has been made faster


  • Updated user interface for marketplace

  • Debugger link is more visible

  • Cannot access Composer on mobile devices anymore; previously Composer opened but was unusable


  • Minor bugfixes when using data variables

  • When a component is set to repeat based on data, the "Currently repeated property value" binding type is now immediately available; previously you had to deselect and reselect the component first

  • Setting the initial value of number properties to 0 is now possible

  • Editing only the schema of a data resource now both triggers a save and is saved properly

  • Global canvas and Empty page templates are no longer visible in the marketplace

Release #123 (2020-02-28)


  • New onboarding widget that takes you over the fundamental concepts in Composer

  • Links to AppGyver Preview apps for Android TV and MacOS are now available under the Launch section


  • Composite components now have a separate inner logic canvas available in isolation mode, giving a clear distinction between logic attached to a component instance (e.g. list item on my page) and internal logic of the composite component (e.g. running a flow function to select a date)

  • Composite component instances have their own set of styles such as width, height, margin and so on, separate from the component template

  • You can now configure styles for the composite component root container in isolation mode

  • You can now dismiss "Application saved" and other notifications by clicking anywhere on the notification


  • Components can now be dropped anywhere on the view canvas instead of just a smaller part at the top

  • The blue hover highlight shows up in the right place when dragging components into repeated containers

Release #122 (2020-02-12)


  • Higher-order formula functions are now available for advanced data/array manipulation:

  • Marketplace user interface has been overhauled for better usability and discoverability


  • Binding array-type data variables to custom JavaScript function box inputs did not work

  • Data view did not scroll if there were a lot of fields

  • Changing custom JavaScript node content did not cause save button to appear

  • Fixed some bugs with input properties whose schema included multiple types

  • Pressing esc while editing a flow function no longer closes the editor

Release #121 (2020-01-28)


  • View components and flow functions can now be published to an AppGyver review queue; if they are accepted, they'll be made public in the Marketplace

  • POST requests to REST API when no request body is expected is now possible

  • New file service and associated flow functions to allow uploading and downloading files to/from an AppGyver-hosted file storage, see for a tutorial


  • JavaScript node code editor did not open and resize correctly in relation to the browser window size


  • Switching between pages in Composer has been substantially optimized and is faster now

  • Handling flow functions during saving has been optimized in Composer; this speeds up saving especially for apps that have a lot of flow functions

  • Navigation editor for navigation bar and tabs etc has been moved under the Navigation section in the global toolbar

Release #120 (2019-12-17)

This release is recommended to use with version 1.3.1 of the AppGyver companion app.


  • Fixed problem with debugger crashing occasionally on open

  • Fixed problem with new users not being able to make their own component sets

  • Fixed bug where adding a default value to an existing variable caused Composer to crash

  • Fixed bug where adding a new theme variable caused Composer to crash


  • Added option to add and edit preview values of app and page variables to the formula editor

  • In formulas, outputs of flow functions are displayed with informative names instead of just IDs

  • Improved layout for community-tab

  • Added preview for AppGyver Auth pages in the pages dropdown

  • Bindings in formulas don’t get reset if the formats are not compatible

  • Improve publishing of components, pages and data sets

  • Default value of `boolean`-type formulas is now `true`

  • Improved β€œTrigger event” flow function to only show relevant options

Release #119 (2019-11-25)

This release is recommended to use with version 1.3.1 of the AppGyver companion app.


  • New discovery UI for the formula function editor

  • System variable releaseEnv is now usable in formulas

  • Creating new flow functions automatically takes the inputs and outputs of the flow function(s) in them


  • JavaScript flow function outputs can no longer be deleted accidentally by erasing the output number

  • JavaScript flow function editor no longer has bug that suggested formula functions

  • Searching for β€œnot installed” for UI components was fixed.


  • Formulas now have descriptive names for parameters

  • When data is added to a page, it will have preconfigured a loop to refresh the data every 5 seconds

Release #118 (2019-11-04)

This release requires version 1.2.0 of the AppGyver companion app.

Feature highlights

Theme editor

The theme editor allows you to change your app's overall look and feel by just editing a few variables like font family and color scheme, while also enabling you to drill down for further customization.

You can read more in the Theme editor guide.


Mobile build service

Build stand-alone iOS and Android binaries of your project; available under the Launch menu in the global toolbar.

Web build service

Build and deploy your project as a stand-alone web app, hosted by AppGyver.

Custom font support

Available via the Theme menu in the global toolbar, upload custom fonts for use with your app.


  • Canvas size and device target selector now emulates system variables for advanced layouting

  • Complete UI overhaul for the data configurator in the global toolbar

  • Core flow functions now have proper categories and icons in the flow function library panel

  • Many new flow functions released – see the flow functions reference for a full list

  • Allow cloning components via the new component toolbar

  • Added support for the text transform property


  • Image assets can be uploaded without having to save inbetween

  • in formulas no longer errors if foo is undefined

  • New pages can no longer be created if there are unsaved changes

  • All Open Sans font weights are now available in new apps

  • Fixed multiple issues when using Composer with Safari

  • Numerous other bugfixes around the platform


  • Core view components have been updated to utilize theme variables

  • Core flow functions have been updated to new versions

  • Deleting view components now happens via a new component toolbar that appears when the component is selected

  • Logic canvas is now hidden by default when a component has no custom logic attached to it

  • Data references are now called data variables everywhere

Release #117 (2019-10-07)


  • Isolation mode overhaul

    • Editing and publishing composite view components and flow functions in Isolation mode has been upgraded to be more consistent in many ways in both functionality and UI

    • Publishing new components and flow functions to the Marketplace is now done from the library panel in the left sidebar

  • The properties panel in the right sidebar now has an info icon next to each property to show more information

  • β€œFunction” flow function has been renamed to β€œJavaScript”

  • Marketplace now displays the share token for every published item

  • New revamped launch menu, with pre-release version of the new data configurator

  • Saving changes made to an app is now faster

  • If the app has been edited in another tab, show a warning


  • Minor bugfixes


  • Many small tweaks to the UI all around

Release #116 (2019-09-30)


  • New flow functions for interacting with data resources in the backend

  • Support for AppGyver DB, External and Local resource types with new Data section in the top toolbar

  • Multi-language support


  • App list load times in Composer and Preview app significantly improved

  • App load time in Preview app significantly improved


  • Formula function namespaces with date/time type refactored