Changelog for Composer Pro

Release #120 (12/17/2019)

This release is recommended to use with version 1.3.1 of the AppGyver companion app.


  • Fixed problem with debugger crashing occasionally on open

  • Fixed problem with new users not being able to make their own component sets

  • Fixed bug where adding a default value to an existing variable caused Composer to crash

  • Fixed bug where adding a new theme variable caused Composer to crash


  • Added option to add and edit preview values of app and page variables to the formula editor

  • In formulas, outputs of flow functions are displayed with informative names instead of just IDs

  • Improved layout for community-tab

  • Added preview for AppGyver Auth pages in the pages dropdown

  • Bindings in formulas don’t get reset if the formats are not compatible

  • Improve publishing of components, pages and data sets

  • Default value of `boolean`-type formulas is now `true`

  • Improved “Trigger event” flow function to only show relevant options

Release #119 (11/25/2019)

This release is recommended to use with version 1.3.1 of the AppGyver companion app.


  • New discovery UI for the formula function editor

  • System variable releaseEnv is now usable in formulas

  • Creating new flow functions automatically takes the inputs and outputs of the flow function(s) in them


  • JavaScript flow function outputs can no longer be deleted accidentally by erasing the output number

  • JavaScript flow function editor no longer has bug that suggested formula functions

  • Searching for “not installed” for UI components was fixed.


  • Formulas now have descriptive names for parameters

  • When data is added to a page, it will have preconfigured a loop to refresh the data every 5 seconds

Release #118 (11/04/2019)

This release requires version 1.2.0 of the AppGyver companion app.

Feature highlights

Theme editor

The theme editor allows you to change your app's overall look and feel by just editing a few variables like font family and color scheme, while also enabling you to drill down for further customization.

You can read more in the Theme editor guide.


Mobile build service

Build stand-alone iOS and Android binaries of your project; available under the Launch menu in the global toolbar.

Web build service

Build and deploy your project as a stand-alone web app, hosted by AppGyver.

Custom font support

Available via the Theme menu in the global toolbar, upload custom fonts for use with your app.


  • Canvas size and device target selector now emulates system variables for advanced layouting

  • Complete UI overhaul for the data configurator in the global toolbar

  • Core flow functions now have proper categories and icons in the flow function library panel

  • Many new flow functions released – see the flow functions reference for a full list

  • Allow cloning components via the new component toolbar

  • Added support for the text transform property


  • Image assets can be uploaded without having to save inbetween

  • in formulas no longer errors if foo is undefined

  • New pages can no longer be created if there are unsaved changes

  • All Open Sans font weights are now available in new apps

  • Fixed multiple issues when using Composer with Safari

  • Numerous other bugfixes around the platform


  • Core view components have been updated to utilize theme variables

  • Core flow functions have been updated to new versions

  • Deleting view components now happens via a new component toolbar that appears when the component is selected

  • Logic canvas is now hidden by default when a component has no custom logic attached to it

  • Data references are now called data variables everywhere

Release #117 (10/07/2019)


  • Isolation mode overhaul

    • Editing and publishing composite view components and flow functions in Isolation mode has been upgraded to be more consistent in many ways in both functionality and UI

    • Publishing new components and flow functions to the Marketplace is now done from the library panel in the left sidebar

  • The properties panel in the right sidebar now has an info icon next to each property to show more information

  • “Function” flow function has been renamed to “JavaScript”

  • Marketplace now displays the share token for every published item

  • New revamped launch menu, with pre-release version of the new data configurator

  • Saving changes made to an app is now faster

  • If the app has been edited in another tab, show a warning


  • Minor bugfixes


  • Many small tweaks to the UI all around

Release #116 (09/30/2019)


  • New flow functions for interacting with data resources in the backend

  • Support for AppGyver DB, External and Local resource types with new Data section in the top toolbar

  • Multi-language support


  • App list load times in Composer and Preview app significantly improved

  • App load time in Preview app significantly improved


  • Formula function namespaces with date/time type refactored