AppGyver Preview / client runtime

Changelog for the AppGyver Preview app and the client runtime

2.4.17 (2020-12-10)

Major release, see the full changelog here.

1.9.22 (2020-10-27)

Minor internal stability improvements.

1.9.20 (2020-10-07)

Minor internal stability improvements.

1.9.18 (2020-08-24)

Build service only, runtime functionality is identical to 1.9.15.


  • Build service, caching downloaded assets betterments.

1.9.17 (2020-08-04)

Build Service release only, runtime functionality is identical to 1.9.15.


  • Build service issue where building an app would fail due to project assets failing to download from an external URL that didn't return headers

1.9.15 (2020-07-30)


  • Support for new iOS launch images required by Apple


  • Android minimum SDK and target SDK versions set to 29 to comply with new Google Play policies


  • Cache for web builds is invalidated correctly, so your changes are immediately available after building a new version

1.9.7 (2020-06-04)


  • Contacts flow function permissions fixed for Android

1.9.2 (2020-06-01)



1.8.3-beta1 (05/04/2020)

Available via Build Service only.

The known issues below will be fixed for the App Store / Google Play submitted version; this intermediary beta version was just released to get around the App Store submission blocker described below.


Known issues

  • Play audio flow function not working

    • Worked after all

  • Open rich text editor flow function temporarily disabled as we work to get it to not use UIWebView

1.8.0 (04/16/2020)


  • Support for Embedded map view (beta) component on iOS and Android (see tracker issue).

  • Minor bugfixes.

1.7.22 (04/03/2020)


  • Debugger: Improved server performance

  • Preview applications have been updated to be compatible with the improved debugger

1.7.18 (04/02/2020)


  • Filesystem paths are now available in systemVars


  • There were some problem with the navigation stack on web that have now been fixed, namely going back via the browser's back button caused odd states in the app

  • Debugger: some special cases that caused a crash in debugger while device was connected were fixed

  • Datepicker min/max values were not honored on iOS

  • Issues with navigation items’ titles not rendering in correct font or language were fixed

  • Improved performance of sliders bound to page variables

1.7.12 (03/18/2020)


  • Debugger: show what inputs a logic node was triggered with and what its outputs were

  • Support for map component

  • Support for d3.js charts and graphs

  • Support for external and internal events for composites


  • One level deep object bindings in components to e.g. page variables now update correctly. Further levels will be supported starting from version 2.x

  • Debugger: Take timezones into account in timestamps

  • Debugger: Logs can be cleared


  • “Open web browser” flow function did not work in standalone builds

  • “Take photo” flow function produced incompatible path as output for file upload on iOS

  • Translation fallback language did not get applied in some cases

  • Android splash screens were not sharp on HD tablets

  • Icon font size was fixed to also work in web

  • systemVars array for supported languages returned empty

  • Fixed transform rotates for text components

  • “Pick multiple files” flow function boolean for selecting if multiple files are picked or not is now respected on all platforms

  • Box shadows didn’t work if they were bound to theme variables