AppGyver Cloud Storage

You can also view the videos in Core Lessons 3 - Data and Integrations

AppGyver DB is a development-only, MongoDB-based database that you can use to quickly set up a backend for your app.

It is not intended for production use, and AppGyver does not guarantee the integrity of any data there.

A new AppGyver DB can be added via the Data tab in the global toolbar.

For an AppGyver DB resource, you only need to define the schema.

Flow functions

You can use the default data flow functions with AppGyver DB resources without any extra configuration.

Limit, sort, query

When using an AppGyver DB resource, the Get record collection flow function gives access to the following properties:

  • Limit – limit the number of incoming records to a certain number

  • Sort – sort incoming records using a MongoDB syntax sort object

  • Query – limit the incoming records to the ones that match the given MongoDB syntax query object