• 05 Sep 2022
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What's new?

Updated: Marketplace

The 22.9.6 Platform Release introduces an overhaul to the Marketplace UI.

Article: Trigger Event Logic

Learn to create reusable logic to optimize the app perfomance and development.
Trigger Event Logic

Article: OData

Open Data Protocol (OData) is an open protocol that makes it easy and standardized to create and use queryable, interoperable REST APIs.
OData Integration

Article: REST API Tester App

Learn to create a dynamic API tester.
REST API Tester App

Article: Asset manager

Asset manager is meant to ease the proccess of storing and using images/fonts in Composer.
Asset manager

Article: Formula functions

Formula functions, or simply, Formulas, are expressions that allow you to build algorithms in your app.
Formula functions

Article: BTP destinations (Enterprise Edition)

BTP Destinations enable you to use SAP Systems as a Data resource.
BTP destinations

Article: Schema editor

Schema editor is a dedicated environment for defining the Resource Schema of a Data resource. Learn more in the new article:
Schema editor

Update: Documentation Overhaul

On June 2, SAP AppGyver documentation has received a major update. Read this blog post to explore the most important changes:
Blog Post

Article: Data Components

Data components are one of our most powerful features developed in SAP AppGyver yet. They allow you to build and employ highly reusable components with data-related logic built-in, eliminating the need for app-level data variables. You can use data components together with your data resources, and even publish them to the marketplace to make them available for other people to use.

Article: Scroll View Component

Scroll view is a layout container that is used to make scrollable views.

Bug reports and feature requests

You can make bug reports and post feature requests, as well as track our roadmap at https://tracker.appgyver.com


If you have any general questions on Composer, the best resource is our community forums at https://forums.appgyver.com

SAP AppGyver on Business Technology Platform (BTP)

Please see the help.sap.com page for SAP AppGyver here:

Check out the BTP documentation on opening an account and creating your first project:


Community edition

SAP AppGyver Community Edition is completely free for everyone without limitations on revenue.
Press Release

BTP edition

SAP AppGyver BTP Edition is 10€ per active developer per month.
Subscribe to the Low-Code / No-Code Service in SAP BTP

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