Check notification permissions
  • 18 May 2022
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Check notification permissions

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Checks if the user has enabled notification permissions for the current app.

If notifications can be received, the first output is triggered. On iOS, the Notification permissions object additionally includes information on if the user has enabled badges/alert banners/sounds for the notifications.

If the user has not given permission to receive notifications, or has revoked the permissions, the second output is triggered.

If an error occurred while checking the permissions the third output is triggered.

Input arguments

No input arguments.

Output arguments

Number of outputs: 3

Label Key Type Description
Notification permissions notificationPermissions Object Object describing what notification permissions have been granted for the current app.
  • Granted?
notificationPermissions.granted Boolean Has the user granted permission to the app to receive notifications?
  • Alert permissions granted?
notificationPermissions.alertGranted Boolean iOS-only. Has the user allowed banner alerts to be shown for notifications?
  • Badge permissions granted?
notificationPermissions.badgeGranted Boolean iOS-only. Has the user allowed notifications to display a badge next to the app icon?
  • Sound permissions granted?
notificationPermissions.soundGranted Boolean iOS-only. Has the user allowed notifications to play a sound?


No events.


Label Code Description
unknown error unknown Unknown error occurred while checking notification permissions

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