• 10 Jun 2022
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Article Summary

Part 1 - Component Basics

In this video we'll go through the very basics of what components are and how to use them in Composer Pro.

Part 2 - Component Basics continued

In this video we continue with component basics, taking a look at component types and bindings.

Part 3 - Repeating Components

In this video we take a look at repeating components, a fundamental Composer technique.

Part 4 - Layouting

In this video we'll create layouts with the container, row and scroll view components.

Part 5 - The Component Marketplace

In this video we'll take a look at the Component Marketplace which you can use to extend your projects.

Creating your own Components

Part 6 - Composite Components

In this video we'll learn about composite components.

Part 7 - Creating a Composite Component

In this video we create a composite component from scratch.

Part 8 - Creating a Counter Component

In this video we'll create another composite component - a simple counter.

Part 9 - Output Values

In this video we'll learn about component output values.

Part 10 - Instances and Templates

In this video we'll go through how component instances and templates work.

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