Components changelog
  • 13 Feb 2023
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Components changelog

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Improved tooltip descriptions for "Pick Date" and "Pick Date Time" flow functions.

Vibrate flow function now supports logic to be added after the execution.

Date field component: fixed an issue with weekdays appearing incorrectly for some timezones at some times of day.

Added new marketplace preview images for the following view components:

  • Date Picker
  • Google Chart
  • Map
  • Container
  • Row
  • Image
  • SVG Image
  • Web View
  • Lottie Animation
  • Scroll View
  • Conditional Renderer
  • HTML Renderer (beta)
  • Rich Text


New components

Single Record

Display component for a single data record with text, true/false and number fields.

Create Form

Form component for creating data records with simple text, true/false and number fields.

Update Form

Form component for updating data records with simple text, true/false and number fields.



New "Get ID Token (Firebase Auth)" flow function for fetching the latest idToken. Can be used to make custom HTTP calls to authenticated Firebase backend.



Text has new properties selectable and number of lines that work against 4.1.X or newer.

Scroll view has new properties show vertical scroll indicators and show horizontal scroll indicators that work against 4.1.X or newer.

Bug fixes

Fixed issue with flex: 1 in Text added for number of lines causing layouting issues in existing apps.

Fixed issue with primitives not appearing for some users.


Bug fixes

Added missing list item tap event to Thumbnail list component.


Bug fixes

Fixed issue with Input field primitive width not working correctly with Fit to Content setting.


Bug fixes

Fixed issue with Multi combo box crashing.



Exposed onChange, onBlur and onFocus events in Input field component.

Bug fixes

Fixed issue with Multi combo box with input crashing on Android.

Changed Progress bar Value property from two-way to internal property.


New components


Soft tabs
A navigation component that lets the user switch between tabs. Combine it with a Conditional renderer to make your full tab layout.

Progress bar
Lets you visualize the progress of a process. Bind the value to a changing variable, and you have an animated progress bar!

Star rating
A multi-functional rating component, which you can use for both rating input and just to display a rating.

A small badge component with several different style classes. Great for tagging and statuses.

Badge with icon
Similar to the Badge component, but with a configurable icon.

Avatar group
A component for displaying a group of avatars. Select from three different types of avatars - image, icon, initials, or a mix.

Color picker
Lets you define a list of colors, and outputs the selected color.

Combo box
Allows the user to select an item from a list of existing options or to add their own value. Great for situations that require a bit more flexibility than a basic dropdown field can provide.

Multi combo box
A dropdown list which allows the user to select multiple items from a list of existing options.

Multi combo box with input
Similar to Multi combo box, but includes an input field for filtering the options, which makes it perfect for long lists of options.

Date field
Opens a date picker calendar on web and the native date picking dialog on mobile.

New buttons
Icon button, Icon only button, Link button

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