Create directory
  • 18 May 2022
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Create directory

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Creates a new directory at the target path, including any parent directories that are missing (like mkdir -p).

The first output is triggered if the directory is successfully created, or if it already exists.

Input arguments

Label Key Type Required? Default Description
New directory path path String(local-filesystem-reference) Yes Absolute local filesystem path to the new directory.

Output arguments

Number of outputs: 2

Label Key Type Description
Directory directory Object Object representing the created directory in the local filesystem
  • Local path
directory.path String Absolute local filesystem path representing the directory location on the device.
  • Name String Name of the directory in the local filesystem, if applicable. Note that the directory name is included in the **Local path** property.
  • Files in directory
directory.files Array List of objects representing the files in the directory.
  • Subdirectories
directory.directories Array List of objects describing subdirectories of the directory.
  • Total size
directory.totalSize Number Total size of the directory, in bytes.


No events.


Label Code Description
Unkown error unknown Thrown if an unknown error occured while creating the directory.

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