• 04 Oct 2022
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The debugger is currently unavailable for the SAP BTP (enterprise) version.

Tutorial video

Watch this video for a quick go-through of the Composer Pro debugging capabilities.


You can open the debugger via the debug icon on right side of the view canvas toolbar.

Debugger location

To connect your device with the debugger, open the SAP AppGyver preview app. There, you'll find the toggle switch to connect the debugger. After a few seconds, the connection should be established and you can start debugging your app.


If you are experiencing problems, try connecting both the computer running debugger and the device(s) running the Preview app to the same local network (e.g. same WiFi)!


In the 'Connect' tab you can see all currently connected devices to the debugger. You can choose between those, and view additional identifying information through a drop-down menu.

Debugger Phone View


The 'Overview' tab contains basic information about the app:

  • App Name
  • App ID
  • App Environment (Production)
  • Build type
  • Time since the last app modification



The 'State' tab contains all internal and configured variables within the app.


  • System variables
    • Data collected from your device, i.e the OS, screen dimensions and orientation.
  • Sensor variables
    • Data from your device's sensors: accelerometer, geolocation, gyroscope and others.
  • App & Page variables
    • Variables configured for the application in the variable view.


'Flows' provides logs on all executed events and flow functions. You can replay every action by using the "Replay" button, or view more detailes using the "Details".


The flow function 'Details' gives and overview of all inputs and outputs and provides detail for each one.

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