Flow functions
  • 18 May 2022
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Flow functions

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Article Summary

The flow function library panel gives you easy access to the various flow functions you can add to your app. It takes up the bottom half of the left sidebar.

The panel is divided into three tabs.

  • Core – core flow functions created by AppGyver, common in most apps
  • By me – flow functions created by you for this app
  • Installed – flow functions added from the Marketplace for this app

Under the tabs, you can access the Logic Marketplace. If flow functions you've added via the Marketplace to your app have new updates to them, a red badge will be shown with the number of pending updates.

Core tab

The core tab contains basic flow functions that are divided into simple categories.

  • Navigation – present dialogs and capture user input
    • Open page
    • Navigate back
  • Variables – manipulate in-memory variables
    • Set app variable
    • Set page variable
    • Set data variable
  • Dialog – show dialogs
    • Toast
    • Alert
    • Confirm
  • View - show spinners
    • Show spinner
    • Hide spinner
  • Data – work with local and external data resources
    • Get record
    • Get record collection
    • Create record
    • Update record
    • Replace record
    • Delete record
  • Device – use device APIs like camera or barcode scanner
    • Scan QR/barcode
    • Take photo
    • GPS location
  • Utility – affect how the flow of interconnected function nodes gets executed
    • Delay
    • If condition
  • Advanced
    • JavaScript
    • Receive event
    • Trigger event

By me tab

List of all the flow functions you have created for this app youself.

Installed tab

List of all the flow functions you have added from the Marketplace.

Adding flow functions via the library panel

To add flow functions onto the canvas, simply drag and drop them in.

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