Get record collection
  • 18 May 2022
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Get record collection

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Fetch a collection of data records as a list from a data resource.

If the data resource is not a local resource, running this flow function will make a HTTP call to the endpoint defined in the resource configuration.

Input arguments

Label Key Type Required? Default Description
Get data record collection request request DataResourceListRequest Yes Configuration required by the selected data resource to get a collection of data records.

Output arguments

Number of outputs: 2

Label Key Type Description
Collection of records records DataResourceListResponse The successfully retrieved collection of records.


No events.


Label Code Description
Request failed requestFailed Thrown if the entire request failed due to e.g. CORS issues or no network connectivity.
Server error serverError Thrown if the server returned an error response.
Resource not found resourceNotFound Thrown if the resouce you are trying to get was not found.
Unknown error unknown Thrown if an unknown error occurred while fetching the collection of records.

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