Issue reporting guidelines
  • 26 Jul 2022
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Issue reporting guidelines

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Before reporting a new bug, please read carefully through this document.

See if it has already been reported

Please search the forums and issue tracker to see if someone has already run into the same issue.

Determine issue type

If the issue is something that happens across multiple projects and is consistently reproducible by following certain steps, the right place to report it is the issue tracker.

If it is something that has to deal with your specific app – something is not working as intended, you're not quite sure how to implement something, a specific app is failing to build in the build service and so on – you should first report it on the forums, as that allows for better back-and-forth discussion.

Type out clear reproduction steps

To fix a bug, we need to be able to reproduce it on our end. To help us do that, please write out the issue in the following format:

App ID:

To reproduce:
1. Do A
2. Do B
3. C happens
4. Do E

Expected behaviour:
X happens

X doesn't happen, instead Y happens and after 5 seconds, app crashes with attached error log

If you want to help us out further, you can even build a new app with a minimal reproduction of the issue and link the app ID to it.

Provide all available information

To help us fix the problem, please provide all the following information:

Issue happening in Composer Pro

  • Operating system and version (e.g. macOS Catalina 10.15.4)
  • Web browser and version (e.g. Chrome 80.0.3987.163)
  • App ID, if applicable (found in the browser address bar)
  • Page in app the issue is happening on, if applicable

App ID in the project URL

Issue happening in a Composer-built app

  • Device model (e.g. iPhone X)
  • Device OS version (e.g. iOS 12.4.6)
  • Client runtime version (e.g. 1.8.11, found by clicking your email address in the app listing)
  • App ID, if applicable (found in the browser address bar)
  • Page in app the issue is happening on, if applicable

Supported systems

  • Browser: Google Chrome or Apple Safari
  • Minimum screen width: 1250px or 13' inches
  • All relevant Merketplace updates are installed.
  • "SAP AppGyver Preview" app's version should match or be greater than the latest available build version.

Support lifetime

Upon submitting a bug report, we expect communication from your side, especially in the early steps of the investigation. In case no information is provided for over two weeks (14-20 days), the submitted ticket will be closed. You can re-open it later, should you experience the issue again.

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