Power-up workshop
  • 08 Jun 2022
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Power-up workshop

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Debugging Variables

Learn how to do live-debugging of variables and REST APIs with Composer Pro.

Forms and Form Validation

Learn how to build forms using Composer Pro. This power-up includes building a form fields, data binding, record creation, and form validation.

Grid/Table layout

Learn how to create a grid or table layout for your app with Composer Pro.

Lists and Repeats

Learn how to make effective use of "repeat with", lists and REPEAT to create list and repeating component structures.

Sorting and Filtering data

Learn how to sort, order and filter your data using formula functions with Composer Pro.

Transforming Data

Learn how to transform list and object type data with the help of formula functions MAP, REDUCE, and MERGE.

The formula functions used in this video:

MAP(pageVars.groceryList, SET_KEY( item, "index", index ))

REDUCE(pageVars.groceryList, IF(item.price < accumulator.price, item, accumulator)), "name"

MERGE( [ {item: "ketchup", manufacturer: "Heinz"} ,  {item: "ketchup", price: 3.00} ] )

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