• 19 May 2022
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Given the price at which a security paying interest at maturity was bought, calculates its annual yield.

Function signature

YIELDMAT(settlement: String, maturity: String, issue: String, rate: Number, price: Number, basis: String = us_nasd) => Number
Parameter Description
Settlement The security's settlement date.
Maturity The security's maturity or end date.
Issue The date the security was initially issued.
Rate The annualized rate of interest.
Price The price at which the security is bought.

Method to use for counting days per month/year:

  • us_nasd (default): 30-day month, 360-day year, i.e. US (NASD).
  • actual: Actual number of days per month/year.
  • actual_360: 360 day year, actual number of days per month.
  • actual_365: 365 day year, actual number of days per month. This means leap years are not taken into account.
  • european: Like us_nasd, but for months that are not 30 days long, European standards are used.


date1 = "2010-03-01T13:06:15+03:00"
date2 = "2010-12-31T13:06:15+03:00"
date3 = "2010-01-02T13:06:15+03:00"
date4 = "2009-01-31T13:06:15+03:00"
date5 = "2023-10-31T13:06:15+03:00"
date6 = "2009-01-30T13:06:15+03:00"
date7 = "2023-10-30T13:06:15+03:00"
date8 = "2008-10-30T13:06:15+03:00"
Formula Return value
YIELDMAT(date1, date2, date3, 0.03, 98.45, "us_nasd") 0.04911985
YIELDMAT(date1, date2, date3, 0.03, 98.45) 0.04911985
YIELDMAT(date4, date5, date6, 0.05, 150, "actual") 0.01073054
YIELDMAT(date6, date7, date8, 0.05, 150, "actual_360") 0.01095999

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