Global toolbar

The global toolbar is located at the top of the app builder UI. It gives you access to resources and tools that have to deal with the context of your entire app.

Project name

At the top left corner of the global toolbar, you can see your project name and edit it by double-clicking on it.

Page selection

Below the title, you can see the currently active page. The dropdown allows you to change the active page or create a new one.


The launch section gives you access to the following resources.


Access the AppGyver preview app for the various supported platforms.

You can read more in the Previewing your app guide.


Configure build settings and create stand-alone binaries and web deployments for your app.


Enable release management for your app and create new releases.


The theme section gives you access to the following resources.

Theme editor

The theme editor allows you to change just a few values for e.g. color and font family to quickly make your app look like your own.

You can read more in the Theme editor guide.

Font manager

The font manager allows you to manage the fonts available in your app, as well as add new ones.


The navigation section lets you configure the native navigation menu for your app (including disabling it for full-screen apps), as well as how the top navigation header bar works.

Read more in the Navigation guide.


The data section lets you create and manage your app's data resources.


The community section gives you access to the following resources.


This site you are reading now.

Platform status

Status of the AppGyver platform, available at, where we inform you of any incidents or outages

Bug reports and feature requests

Available at, where you can see our roadmap, make feature requests, submit bug reports and engage in discussion.


Available at, the official community forums are the best place to get answers to your Composer-related questions.