iOS Builds
The Build Service settings required to create iOS (.ipa) builds.

Build configuration settings

To build iOS apps, you need to enrol in the Apple Developer Program.
The Apple Developer portal at will then let you generate and configure many of the required assets, including:
    distribution certificate
    bundle identifier
    provisioning profile


Upload a P12 certificate, and provide its password

Distribution certificate

Your Apple distribution certificate and the private key used to generate it, exported together as a P12 file. See here for step-by-step instructions.
Make sure you generate a iOS Distribution (App Store and Ad Hoc) type certificate, required to make builds with Build Service.
Note that you must set a P12 password. A P12 file without a password will not work with Build Service

Distribution certificate password

The password set when the distribution certificate P12 file was created.

Bundle settings

upload the provisioning profile generated in Apple Developer portal

Display name

This is the name for your app shown under the app icon in the device home screen, as well as in settings and other places.

Bundle identifier

The unique bundle identifier for your app. It will be in the reverse domain format (e.g. com.appgyver.myapp.production and must match the bundle identifier registered in the Apple Developer portal.

Provisioning profile for App Store

An App Store provisioning profile generated for the app in Apple Developer portal. Must match the bundle identifier and the certificate.

Build settings

On the Build Settings page you can choose a runtime version and set the version properties for the build.


Internal version code for the current build. e.g. 1.0.0.

Short version

Semantic version number for the current build, e.g. 1.0.0.

Image assets and permissions

Check out this guide.
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