Web Builds
For Web Builds you only need to configure a few settings, such as the *.appgyver.com domain the app is going to be hosted at and the preferred code compression format. If you want to use a custom domain, navigate further in the guide.

Local testing and editing

In addition to hosting your app, the build service also provides you with the source code. You are free to edit and test the code locally onwards. The easiest way to do so would be using VSCode editor and Live Server extension.
Start by Downloading your ZIP file from the Build Service page or the email and unpack it in a desired location. Next, install the VSCode editing tool by navigating here: https://code.visualstudio.com/Download. Choose your platform appropriately.
Upon opening VSCode, press Ctrl+O on Windows or Command+O on Mac and open the folder with the unpacked application code.
Use Shift+Ctrl+X or Shift+Command+X to open the extensions menu. Search for 'Live server' or follow the hyperlink earlier and install the add-on. Lastly, press 'Go Live' in the bottom right corner, and you will see your app live on your computer.
Go Live

Web distribution - External

When you build a web version of your app with the Build Service, your app is deployed to AppGyver's cloud and made available under the myapp.appgyverapp.com subdomain, as defined in your web build configuration. Whereas myapp is the subdomain of your choice.
Before choosing a subdomain, make sure that it is not already in use by trying to navigate to it with your browser. In case your desired name is taken, the app will not deploy on AppGyver servers and will only come as a ZIP build.
To use your own domain, you can set up Amazon CloudFront or CloudFlare proxy that points your domain to https://myapp.appgyverapp.com.