Distributing your app
Once you've set up the required build settings, the next step is to distribute your app so your users can access it.

Android distribution

The APK package generated by the Build Service is essentially the same as you would get building an app with Android Studio manually.
You can install it on your device with an USB cable, upload it somewhere and share it as a direct-download link, publish it via Google Play or use a mobile app management solution to manage distribution.

iOS distribution

Apple makes iOS app distribution a bit harder. The main way to distribute an app for testing is to set it up on App Store Connect and use Apple's Transporter app to upload your build.
Xcode required for successful submission
There's an outstanding issue where an iOS binary built with the AppGyver Build Service fails to process in App Store Connect if it's uploaded via the Transporter app when Xcode is not installed.
Installing Xcode resolves the issue and allows the Transporter app to be used normally.
After the build is done processing, you can use Apple's TestFlight service to distribute it to members of your Apple Developer organization.
If you submit your app to Apple's Beta Review, you can also generate a public link to join your app's beta testing.
Once you're happy with your app, you can send it to Apple for actual review. After getting accepted, your app will be available on the public App Store.
Finally, you can use Apple Business Manager to limit your app's access to just your organization, or to specific users via download codes.

Web distribution

When you build a web version of your app with the Build Service, your app is deployed to AppGyver's cloud and made available under the myapp.appgyverapp.com subdomain, as defined in your web build configuration.
Additionally, you can download the web app build as a zip. To host the app on your own server, simply point your default route to `index.html`, make sure the server is configured to serve all the other assets, and you're good to go.
If you want to keep your app hosted on AppGyver's cloud but accessed under your own domain, you can set up a Amazon CloudFront distribution (or some other equivalent) that points your domain to https://myapp.appgyverapp.com.
Last modified 1yr ago