A medium that allows two apps to communicate with one another using remote data sharing.

App Builder
Environment for visually building applications with AppGyver. Usually referred to as 'Composer'.
App variable
App variables exist in the global context of the app. When the app opens for the first time, or is closed and reopened, app variables are reset.


Binding is esentially analogous to attaching a value to a varible. In the composer, binding configuration is usually connected to the left of the input field in the 'Properties' tab.
Building referrs to compiling the application's components into a single use-ready product.


Component template
Pre-defined component with basic settings; mainly used as a starting point in component creation.
Component template editor
An isolated environment in Composer that allows you to create custom components from the already existing ones.


Data component
Highly reusable components with easy data resource connection. Differentiate by having data-related logic built in.
Data variable
Variable that gets its schema from the data resource it points to, and it comes with included default logic.


App condition that triggers on a pre-defined action. For instance, a component was clicked or page was mounted (opened).


Page parameter
Read-only variables that can be set with the Open page flow function for the new page. When the page is closed, page parameters are reset.
Page variable
Varaible that only exist in the context of a single page. When a page is removed from the navigation stack, its page variables are reset.


Style class
A style class defines values for all the style properties of the component; Switching to a different style class will completely change the way your component looks.


A theme is a set of visual characteristics that are applied to the entire app. A theme can include data about colors, fonts and other formatting.
Theme variable
A variable that defines how the various view components look, giving an easy way to change the whole look-and-feel of an entire app.



Visual Cloud Functions

View component
"Front" part of the application that gives you an ability to provide visual input and output, i.e text, buttons and input fields.