• 05 Sep 2022
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Marketplace Overview

The Marketplace can be accessed via the Left sidebar, via the Component marketplace and Flow function marketplace in the Logic canvas. It allows you to find and install view components, flow functions, and data resources, made by AppGyver and the community*.

*Community-made View Components and Flow Functions are not yet available. An approval process will be established in the future.


The Search field is located at the top of the Marketplace modal. The results are automatically refreshed upon entering a query.

The search algorithm includes descriptions and matches partial strings, making it possible to find the desired content from unexact searches.

Search Page

In addition to the field search, you can use the 'Search page'. It provides more search options:

Filter by item type

Item Type

Below the search field, you can filter results to a specific item type. The available types are:

  • All - Displays all available items in the marketplace.
  • View component - Shows UI elements only.
  • Flow function - Logic functions.

Filter with tags

Tag filtering

You can also filter results by tags. Choosing a tag will add it to the search. You can unselect active tags by clicking the X symbol next to them. Each item type has its own set of tags, so changing the active item type will change what tags are available.

Adding items to your app

Adding new items

To add a Marketplace item to your app, click the Install button. Depending on the item type, it will be available in one of the following ways:

View component

Installed View Component

The component will be available via the Installed tab of the view component library for the current app.

Flow function

Installed flow function

The flow function will be available via the Installed tab.



The added data connector will be available in the Data section, accessible via the top bar. There, you can configure required inputs, such as API keys.

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